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"A great job done! Many thanks. I will be in touch again shortly"

S.S. SK3 3/8/2016

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Results From Our Customer Survey

Offices across South Manchester are wasting over eight days of work time per year carrying out odd jobs around the office, according to a survey of our commercial customers.

In a bid to cut overheads, business owners and managers are taking on the responsibility of fixing common office problems themselves, not realising that their efforts are costing them, on average, 200 profit-making hours per year.

Most businesses do not have systems in place for dealing with office disasters; 82 per cent of those surveyed admitted that the office receptionist was the person most frequently called on to fix a problem – with no consideration as to whether he or she knew how to deal with the issue at hand.

Our research also uncovered:

  • The most common DIY problem for office workers is that annoying broken light fitting.
  • In addition to the typical issues such as broken door handles, assembling flat pack furniture and fixing broken chairs, our research also found that businesses have experienced problems with dodgy electric kettles and toasters, broken fridges, exposed cables and collapsed shelving.
  • If a receptionist is unavailable – a man is five times more likely to be called upon to put something right than a woman!
  • 62 per cent of businesses admit to attempting to fix electrical problems themselves, putting them and their staff at risk of serious injury.

In summary, based on our research and our own observations, we have found that business staff are being dragged away from far more important tasks as bosses strive to keep additional costs to a minimum. However, carrying out odd jobs can take up valuable time and will clearly take longer if people don’t have the right experience. Small jobs should be taken care of quickly. Our team of fully trained handymen are available for as little as half an hour, meaning minimum interruption and getting the problem dealt with before it disrupts business. In some cases, the old phrase “if you want something doing, do it yourself” is just wrong!”